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Karey Bancroft, Phot

Artist Statement.

After a 20-year career in portrait photography, I have returned to my life-long passion; Polaroid films and vintage photographic processes. 

My current work features botanical elements that I have grown, then captured as images on Polaroid film. The resulting photos are hand-colored and embellished with a combination of pastels, pencils, crystals, gold leaf, clay and acrylics. This is a true labor of love and exploration for me as I continue the search for the most painterly photographic process.

My Process

Peonies, Karey Bancroft


Almost all of the florals 
in my photos are grown on my property. I certainly do not have a green thumb, but it’s fun to order bulbs of my favorite varieties and watch them turn into something  beautiful. These peonies were amazing!

Photo fo Polaraid Instant Film Images, used for photos by artist


I have loved Polaroid instant film 
for decades. Creating transfers and sx70  manipulations was my passion... until they stopped making the film. Today I use several refurbished cameras to create the dreamy, colorful images I love. They can be full of anomalies: scratches, light leaks, halos. I love every imperfection.

Tools and images to represent photo embellishing process.


After scanning the photos at a 
high resolution, they are printed on fine art paper. I use pencils, pastel, paint, Austrian crystals, wax, clay shapes and gold leaf to enhance and embellish them, making each a unique piece of art.

Recent Exhibitions

311 Gallery

Raleigh, North Carolina

“Spring to Life” juried show 


Las Laguna Art Gallery

Laguna, California

“50 and Over 2023” juried show


Guild of Charlotte Artists

Annual Judged Show

Charlotte, North Carolina

44th National Juried Show

Goldsboro, NC

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